What you need to know about the new Toyota Armored Car

    What you need to know about the new Toyota Armored Car
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    Have you ever seen or heard of an armored Toyota Sequoia I’m talking about 360 degrees of ballistic protection armored sequoias serve as VIP limousines for banks law enforcement and corporate executives so how protected is the armored sequoia to name a few it can withstand a 7.62-millimeter bullet 308 Winchester full metal jacket ammunition and the explosion of two dm-51 hand grenades the SUV’s entire perimeter is armored I’m talking floor to ceiling there’s even a system in the door seams that protect passengers from bullets that can come through the door seals.

    It’s no surprise that is high-quality ballistic glass-reinforced suspension protection for the battery and electronic control modules and of course, heavy-duty run-flat tires if you’re a super VIP you can even upgrade the car with premium security features like smokescreen and filtration systems but mind you this is no factory upgrade you’ll have to get this to a custom third-party outfitter but most of us may never ride in such an armored sequoia nevertheless full-size SUVs, in general, are considered high-end vehicles did you know that today millennials account for the fastest-growing demographics in a full-size SUV market today we’re looking at two very popular full-size SUVs the Toyota sequoia versus the ford expedition so hop in and let’s get going if you could buy a full-size SUV would you based on market trend and stats my guess is yes they say almost everyone wants an SUV even though in practicality far less need one for its full capabilities.

    Did you know that Americans buy far more trucks and SUVs than any other country in the world the fact is most Americans who buy an SUV do so because they can, Americans love cars, and oftentimes for SUV fans, it’s more about desire and style rather than off-roading needs.

    it’s so popular and demand is so strong that it’s hard to convince consumers about the downsides of the suv namely that it’s generally more expensive offers poor fuel economy can sometimes be hard to enter and exit and also very hard to park in a tight garage or carted parking lot because of its size the truth is many people buy them because they like the large interior space comfort flexibility all weather performance and style that suvs generally offer since 2014 the trucks and suv market has been growing steadily this is why sedan sales have been decreasing today trucks and suvs together account 70 of the car market that’s how big it is three years ago it hit a record high of almost 30 million worldwide of course numbers like this have the power to win big price that’s why the price of many suvs have become similar to the prices of competing sedans taken all together suvs offer competitive price off-road capabilities higher levels of comfort larger trunks and greater safety selling suvs is much more profitable than selling mid-size sedans or electric vehicles this is why the big car companies like gm ford fiat chrysler even some in a premium segment like maserati bmw and porsche have also entered the suv market ford for example is projecting it by the end of the decade 90 of vehicles produced in north america will be suvs and pickups.

    Many consumers who consider buying an SUV will call out its power large size and greater safety imagine a collision between an SUV and a small hatchback the SUV is more likely to suffer less damage to itself in the driver on top of that the SUV rides high with ground clearance that gives the driver a good view of the road ahead while enabling the car for easy off-road travel and the large volume of cargo space makes it practical and comfortable for everyone and everything inside these features help SUVs to be an ideal vehicle for commuters who value comfort and style outdoor activities and adventures and it’s not just about cars as everyone knows Americans love big cars even if it’s not always used as intended you feel invincible to ride a beast so high and this is perfectly acceptable in us because unlike Europe we have a lot of roads the truth is unless you live in a large city like new york or l.a.

    Average America in suburbia doesn’t worry whether he’s able to find a parking space to fit on narrow streets these questions don’t even come to mind another purchase driver for the SUV can be the eagle booster if you can afford to get whatever you want not just what you need why not sometimes it can make you feel good to own something so safely in this way you can say an SUV isn’t just a vehicle but it’s a status symbol if you don’t believe me just look at a phone most of us likely don’t have a flip phone anymore but a smartphone how new or outdated is your phone and how do you feel when you see your friend’s latest and greatest new either release smartphone you’re probably thinking this happens mostly with teenagers who love new devices and there’s some truth to that but it happens to adults too especially if you’re in the workforce or social setting.

    Sometimes we can measure ourselves or others by what generation smartphone we have even if your smartphone works perfectly fine it’s a year old and a newer model has been released somehow you must have it it’s a similar thing with cars the only difference is that with cars most people tend to keep our cars for years instead of switching it out every single year how many SUV owners do you know who are serious off-roaders on the contrary probably the normal drivers who usually drive their SUVs on regular roads for just regular purposes by the way, not all SUVs that advertise off-roading characteristics behave offer them in the absolute truest sense of the word some of them if they were ever to see dirt would immediately sink and get stuck as soon as their wheels touch soft soil or deep mud by the way if you haven’t seen my video on the best off-roaders check it out.

    One last point it’s about maybe versus reality we all have this tendency to assume we ever want to maybe do a camping trip on a mountain or all sheets of drywall or maybe transport a lot of friends on a road trip well we have a large suv and it’s always ready to go and it’s true it’s great for outdoors and epic adventures but the reality is that most people use their suv for daily commuting and daily general driving so just stop and think about this what’s wrong with renting a 25 u-haul truck but one time you might move stuff or running a suv or minivan for a short trip that can save you a lot more money in the long run if you think about it but the thing is most people don’t think that way instead they think about the maybes and then opt for the large suv and car marketers know that it’s their job and passion to observe consumer behavior and present those maybes in their ads to feed you the dream again.

    These outdoor day trips and road trips are good don’t get me wrong I enjoy them too but just remember there are more occasional occurrences rather than daily events for most people but don’t just take my perspective on things when you’re deciding on your next family car the SUV does offer many unique advantages namely power and performance large comfortable interior space and the ability to sit high for better visibility so let’s compare the two popular full-size SUVs the Toyota sequoia versus the ford expedition.

    Let’s start with the Toyota Sequoia, did you know that the sequoia was originally going to be named the highlander but as we can see today that name is used for Toyota’s crossover the sequoia is a full-size SUV based on the Toyota tundra pick-up Toyota introduced more than 20 years ago back in the year 2000 and it was assembled at the Toyota manufacturing plant in Princeton Indiana this is Toyota’s first full-size SUV in North America it’s also the largest Toyota SUV to date bigger than the land cruiser and the highlander it’s surprisingly maneuverable easy to park despite its large size can accelerate from zero to 60 in 7.4 seconds the seats are large and comfortable and wind noise is almost inaudible but I do have to say you can sense this model has been around.

    The current generation debuted in 2008 so you can see why several people have commented that it feels outdated then you should wait for the 2023 Toyota sequoia redesign for example the 2022 model while new still has the same drivetrain we’ve seen for years Toyota only offers a sequoia with a naturally aspirated 5.7-liter v8 engine which has mated to a six-speed automatic transmission it’s this outdated drivetrain that makes the sequoia one of the thirstiest cars in Toyota’s lineup we’re talking an EPA combined rating of 15 miles a gallon and a two-wheel drive the four-wheel drive is rated at 14 miles a gallon the outdated drivetrain also limits sequoia’s towing capacity to 7 400 pounds to put that into perspective ford expedition could tow up to 9 300 pounds generally the sequoia lasts 200 000 miles sequoia is a Toyota so in general this means reliability good suspension for off-roading and towing.

    That said due to its outdated drivetrain towing on this suv is limited to 7 400 pounds which is less than the ford expedition which can handle up to 9 300 pounds but now let’s look at the ford expedition this is a three row suv and ford introduced it in 1997 as its successor to the ford bronco the expedition was ford’s first full-size four-door suv like the toyota sequoia the ford expedition is known as one of the most durable vehicles on the road and it remains one of the best selling large suvs in the united states and it’s easy to see why it’s appealing it offers impressive cargo and cabin space and has great towing capability so how does the expedition compare with sequoia the expedition is powered by a 3.5 liter ecoboost twin turbo v6 mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission that pair with rear all-wheel drive the standard can output 380 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque source horsepower is at par but you get more torque with the expedition the limited is boosted to 400 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque if you get the timberline are limited with the stealth performance package that’s an extra boost up to 440 horsepower and 510 pound feet of torque its drive training is what makes the car strong and powerful.

    As i mentioned before we’re talking a towing capability of 9 300 pounds so we’re talking more muscle so our fuel economy is concerned the expedition is a tad leg up epa rates the rear wheel drive at 17 miles per gallon and 23 miles per gallon for city and highway where all-wheel drive drops up to 22 on the highway as far as the interior is concerned first of all you can’t help but notice the 12-inch touchscreen which is significantly larger than what you see in the sequoia the expedition accommodates up to eight passengers as does the sequoia that being said the expedition is roomier and more comfortable due to 44 inch 42 inch and 36 inches of leg room in the first second and third rows but that’s not all just look at the cargo space the expedition offers about two more cubic feet of space all in all it seems fairly obvious to me who’s the winner in my book between these two suvs but now you tell me have you ever seen or been in an armored toyota sequoia which you prefer the ford expedition or the toyota sequoia and why if you’ve driven either.


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