Should you buy a sedan when looking for a car

    Should you buy a sedan when looking for a car
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    if you decide to get a Kia you’re essentially getting a Hyundai that’s because Hyundai motor group owns a part of Kia motors and Kia has stakes in numerous Hyundai motor group subsidiaries.

    If you think that’s how Toyota owns Lexus well you’re wrong it’s not quite like that today we’re looking at two mid-size crossover SUVs the KIA telluride versus the Hyundai palace both are very similar yet very different and we’ll see which one you shouldn’t get but first let’s see why or if you’d even want a midsize crossover at all and how a crossover differs from an SUV versus a sedan so hop in and let’s get going so what’s the difference between a crossover versus a full-size SUV versus a sedan put simply large SUVs are built on heavier body-on-frame chassis that’s better for off-roading and is the same platform.

    We usually see in full-size pickup trucks in contrast mid-size crossovers are built on lighter unibody frames that we typically see in mid-size sedans and d-segment cars this is why crossovers have a closer link to conventional sedans than they do with large SUVs some have three rows of seats others have two rows because of this many car brands offer different models and their size changes accordingly length can range anywhere between 185 inches to nearly 201 inches long a similar thing applies to their height did you know that the world’s first mid-size crossover was the 1999 BMW x5 and guess what parts of the world love mid-size crossovers the most believe it or not it’s north America and China in the united states, for example, it accounts for 15.8 percent of the car market compare that in Europe where this segment accounts for only 2.1 percent of the entire European market.

    Judging from the numbers we can see that Americans have embraced this class but at the same time it must be said that the crossover is not exactly the ideal vehicle while it’s an emerging category that’s filling the need between the sedan and the SUV it’s not perfect and here’s why first off buyers are paying more for the size and the stylish appearance many buyers view the crossover more like a smaller SUV rather than a larger sedan they don’t realize for example the platform differences I just mentioned many buyers who value extra space assuming crossovers are larger than conventional passenger cars but that’s not necessarily the case hatchbacks and station wagons can offer the same space as similarly sized crossovers just as a minivan, for example, has more cargo space than most three-row SUVs just look at the five-door Volkswagen golf sport wagon in terms of cargo capacity.

    It offers more room than most other competing crossovers when the rear seats are folded down it can hold up to 20 carry-on suitcases also the current trend has been for slow coop-styled roofs and crossovers which makes them even less likely to have enough cargo room than before also don’t forget that crossovers are less fuel efficient than cars while crossovers have certainly improved their fuel efficiency in recent years so too conventional cars have also improved on their efficiency also bottom line is that crossovers as a class still lag when it comes to efficiency yes they’ve got cvt and hybrid transmissions that make crossovers a couple thousand dollars more expensive but these things alone don’t make it more fuel efficient according to the EPA.

    The latest five-door Volkswagen golf sport wagon offers combined miles per gallon of 32 miles a gallon and 37 on the highway and that’s with the regular gasoline engine and a six-speed manual transmission compared to the typical 19 to 20 miles per gallon the crossover gets in the city interesting isn’t it so for the average crossover to achieve similar results as a golf sports wagon it needs to go for mid-size compact abandon all-wheel drive and even then it won’t be nearly as spacious or practical as a station light now another crossover myth is that the all-wheel drive is better for winter driving.

    It’s not uncommon to overhear people saying why should I buy an SUV you can save money by buying a crossover with the all-wheel-drive again it’s that misconception that the crossover is just a smaller SUV without any other difference other than size alone and they believe the crossover has the same capabilities and performance of a large SUV but that is not the case.

    Let’s talk about all-wheel drive yes all-wheel drive can help drivers accelerate in slippery conditions but the reality is that most winter drivers aren’t struggling to accelerate after they lose control rather most of the trouble comes when they’re trying to stop in that context having all-wheel drive doesn’t help much.

    It can make things worse when it gives drivers a false sense of security so they drive faster than they should the truth is an all-wheel-drive crossover with all-season tires is nothing compared to an all-wheel-drive crossover with winter tires that said if you live in an area with severe winters and poorly plowed roads it’ll serve you better to have a full SUV with winter tires rather than a crossover here’s another thing generally cars handle better if you lower the ride height reduce weight and tighten the suspension all this contributes to a sporty driving style to go with the same sporty look of the car designers try to give the crossover a sportier vibe but oftentimes they are working against the law of physics.

    a crossover compared to a conventional sedan hatchback station wagon typically has a higher ground clearance which means it has a higher center of gravity and this, in turn, means less than ideal aerodynamics which results in a lower travel range and higher risk of rollover compared to lower riding cars.

    Did you know that the key Italia ride and the Hyundai palace side are corporate cousins as such they share several mechanical components and performance specs including the engine and wheelbase although the KIA telluride unlike the Hyundai Palestine is only manufactured in the united states and isn’t sold in south Korea the palisade, on the other hand, is built in Korea Kia telluride and the Hyundai palace side debuted as a 2020 model the telluride is named after a town in Colorado and it’s the largest vehicle Kia makes in the u.s the Hyundai Palestine was named after the pacific palisades an area of Los Angeles known for its coastal eclipse the Hyundai Palestine replaced the acclaimed Santa Fe xl as Hyundai’s flagship SUV and in doing so made the palisade the largest car in the Hyundai fleet it’s a tad over 196 inches long and has 114.2-inch wheelbase like its predecessor the palisade has three rows of seating that can accommodate up to eight passengers?

    If you’re trying to choose between these two crossovers well generally speaking almost everything about them is technically the same both a front-wheel drive with a 3.8-liter v6 engine that outputs 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque and I made it to an eight-speed automatic transmission they share a common wheelbase and they’re fairly close in size so both start in a similar base range though the KIA telluride has a slight edge with a starting price of 32 000 compared to Hyundai’s 32 500 in terms of overall comfort both crossovers come standard with eight seats across three rows and each offers a seven-seat layout in which the second-row bench can be replaced for captain’s chairs.

    The KIA telluride comes standard with synthetic leather upholstery whereas else Hyundai palicide comes with a cloth poster so I give the telluride points for overall interior look and comfort even though remember the price is slightly cheaper you’re probably interested in cargo space with the Hyundai pallet side we’re looking at 18 cubic feet of space behind the third row 45.8 cubic feet and the third row folded down for a maximum of 86.4 cubic feet with the second and third rows folded in contrast the KIA telluride has 21 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row 46 cubic feet with the seats folded down and a maximum 87 cubic feet with a second and third row folded the KIA telluride wins when it comes to cargo space the front-wheel drive.

    Kia telluride has an EPA estimate of 20 miles per gallon city and 26 highway the front-wheel-drive Hyundai palace side gets 19 miles per gallon city in the same 26 miles per gallon highway with the all-wheel-drive versions both crossovers show the same EPA ratings of 19 miles per gallon city and 24 miles per gallon highway in terms of reliability both of these crossovers are related just above average and look at the factory guarantees in general Hyundai and Kia are renowned for the industry-leading warranty coverage and that’s certainly true with both vehicles both the palisade and the telluride come with 10-year 100 000 mile drive train warranty and a 5-year 60 000 mile limited warranty so it’s a draw.

    Both crossovers received an overall safety and rating of 5 out of 5 stars from the national highway traffic safety administration the insurance institute for highway safety are awarded both crossovers with top safety pick awards which is no easy task both crossovers offer a rearview camera forward-collision of warning automatic emergency braking pedestrian detection adaptive cruise control lane keep assist driver sleep monitoring rear parking sensors and a rear seat warning function to remind drivers to check for children or pets in the back seats additional features for both models include a surround-view parking camera system front parking sensors and a heads up display I’d say one difference is that the palisade comes standard with automatic high beam headlamps which come optional on the telluride however, the telluride comes standard with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert which are optional in the palisade and arguably more valuable in terms of safety so there are a few things to consider before buying either of these crossovers for example some owners say the 2020 pallet side have a certain odor.

    Hyundai hasn’t been able to address the issue two palisade owners filed a lawsuit against Hyundai stating that the interior smelled of rotten eggs garlic debris and other odors that may induce nausea on the calligraphy and limited trims the odor appears to come from the leatherette used an address however in other trims the problem was not pressed the 2020 palisade is also reported to have some windshield problems it was noted that the glass was prone to cracking and even the smallest pebbles called significant damage and large cracks cracked glass problems were so common with the palisade that another lawsuit was filed against Hyundai for defective glass as for the key of telluride there were reports of problems with the heating system more specifically that the automatic temperature control doesn’t allow it to maintain the temperature in the car to which it is set.

    Others noted that the crossover’s oem headlights are rather dim and that the exterior site lighting isn’t as bright as one would expect additionally there are comments about engine knocking which is likely caused by faulty spark plug wires other problems include a software update failure causing the cars to try to connect to a wireless network instead of the satellite one let’s talk about the latest models the 2022 Hyundai Palestine offers several active safety devices including rear collision avoidance and blind-spot collision avoidance systems these systems are triggered if relevant potential obstacle warnings are ignored by the driver and all palisade models feature side mirrors with integrated turn signals.

    The 2022 KIA telluride sports its new logo which appears on the slightly redesigned radiator grille tailgate and steering wheel cover, in addition, all models have improved standard features including the 10.3-inch touchscreen which replaces the 8 inches one and fully automatic temperature control those are the changes in the 2022 model performance and fuel economy remain the same as the previous year’s model but now you tell me what would you like to have in your garage a KIA telluride or the Hyundai palisade if you have any experience with these crossovers tell me please comment below and share and if you like this video please like and subscribe thanks for your supportĀ 


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