Electric cars are making a great introduction about their new EV

    Electric cars are making a great introduction about their new EV
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    Today we’re talking about an electric vehicle performance brand pole star this is a car maker many Americans aren’t familiar with yet but you will be soon and you’ll want to read this article because they’re openly taking on tesla and Audi.

    This is a company with true grit and they’ll be manufacturing pulse r3 in the US this coming year so hop in and let’s get going last summer polestar released the first teaser of their electric SUV I’m talking about the pulsed r3 which they say will be manufactured on u.s soil south Carolina to be precise we’re talking about a sporty electric SUV with a front trunk or frunk.

    The concept features sleek angles from a hexagonal compact upper grille and horizontally flipped t-shaped headlamps to a trapezoidal lower grille and triangular cutouts on its front bumper the EV is set to hit the production line at the end of 2022 and it’ll be priced similar to Porsche’s cayenne with a range of 373 miles but let’s talk about the company.

    Pole star was founded in 1996 by Volvo’s partner flash holster Racine eventually Volvo bought them in 2015. they say polestar gets its history and safety from Volvo but its future comes from the other parent company the Zhejiang Gili holding group let’s back up a bit here did you know that the Chinese company owns Volvo in at least 15 other car makers some of which brands are more familiar in Europe pole stars headquartered in Gothenburg Sweden thus far their cars have been made in china they’ve been making electric vehicles and they also offer performance upgrades and engine software operations for Volvo models through its pole star engineering division back in 1996.

    Pole star originally started out as a Swedish racing team that competed in the Swedish tour car championship as a racing team they were successful the team later was bought and renamed pole star racing in the late 2000s it began making modified racing Volvos and that’s what led to an official partnership with Volvo poster also produced concept cars the first such car was a c30 polestar performance concept prototype that was back in 2010 then in 2013 the company decided to unveil its first real production model the s60 thereafter they released the v60 pulse star station wagon in 2014.

    It was powered by a turbocharged v6 engine that output 350 horsepower and 370-pound feet of torque it could go from zero to 60 miles an hour in just 4.9 seconds and the v60 earned positive reviews in the media in July 2015 Volvo acquired the company and the brand and started offering enhanced pole star models direct than in June 2017 Volvo announced that polestar would start producing high-end electric vehicles under its name and logo so you can see Volvo saw the brand’s long-term potential the intent in buying polestar was to make a company its personal performance division polester’s engineering philosophy is about creating vehicles that offer an optimally safe balanced and reliable driving experience.

    Pulstar’s other core business is engine upgrades and enhancements on select Volvo models I’m talking about tuning and optimizing engines through various software upgrades the goal is to deliver faster acceleration faster gear changes improve reliability better handling and better engine response but now let’s take a look at a few things they’ve done we’ll start with the polestar one hybrid this is polestar’s first attempt at an electric hybrid vehicle the concept was unveiled in October 2017 in shanghai china and the final version came out in April 2021.

    It received praise for its design style and performance a major achievement for the polestar one hybrid was that it had the largest electric range of any plug-in hybrid at the time we’re talking an astonishing 78 miles not bad considering this was their first attempt at the vehicle is a two-door sports car that’s built on the Volvo scalable product architectural platform powered by hybrid powertrain using a front-mounted engine and two electric motors at the rear we’re talking about supercharged and turbocharged high performance inline-four gasoline engine that drives the front wheels but you also have electric motors on the rear wheels these dual rear electric motors control the torque distribution so the necessary acceleration gets distributed to each wheel allowing for better handling and cornering total output is 619 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque and that’s what allows this 5200-pound coupe to go from zero to 60 in just 3.9 seconds.

    In addition, the pulse r1 is the world’s first car and a chassis to be fitted with the all-new continuously controlled electronic suspension technology the technology combines the latest in hydraulics and electronics into an advanced semi-active suspension technology at the basic level the system automatically monitors the damping characteristics of each of the four shock absorbers in real-time changing the settings up to four or five hundred times per second it does this by taking into account the add-on the movement of the wheels car body and many other parameters to ensure optimal damping in all conditions at all times cesi technology enables even a limousine to have the characteristics of a sports car.

    When it’s cornering and changing lanes the pulsed r1 weighs roughly 5200 pounds pulse style was able to save about 560 pounds with a carbon body which increased the rigidity of the chassis by 45 and lowered the center of gravity of the entire structure the EPA gave the polestar a combined city-highway fuel economy rating of 58 miles per gallon and 52 miles per gallon of electric-only travel that’s quite a lot for a plug-in hybrid but it has its downsides of course post r1 is one of the most beautiful semi-electric cars around because of its sporty look, in other words, they distributed the weight slightly rearward we’re talking a weight ratio of 48 to 52 from front to rear the trade-off is that the batteries take up most of the trunk space it only offers four cubic feet there’s not much legroom in the rear seat and the sloping roofline which is attractive from the exterior does give you a cramped feeling when you’re inside secondly although it’s quite an attractive car.

    It’s also pretty heavy I mean it weighs almost as much as a BMW x7 imagine what better electric range you would have if it were lighter well sometimes you have to pick your battle but it’s not just that it’s a limited run and base pricing starts at one hundred and fifty-six thousand five hundred dollars so it’s by no means something the average joe is going to buy but now let’s look at pole star’s second project and that’s pulse star 2.

    So paul star intended the pole star 2 to have a higher production volume significantly larger than the polestar 1. their main goal is to compete with tesla specifically the model 3. so you can guess we’re talking about an all-electric vehicle the world is already facing an urgent and catastrophic problem due to the shortage of semiconductor chips there are some positive forecasts that say the global computer chip crisis should ease between 2022 and 2023 so if that proves true then this means the production of electric vehicles should go up sharp but look this is all speculation so it’s understandable that some automakers are aiming to meet deadlines to make evs somewhere between 20 25 and 23rd.

    What’s more leading organizations such as motorsports governing body fia have pledged to switch to 100 percent sustainable fuels in the world endurance championship by 2022. even formula one is set to do the same by 2025. so if you take into account that gm will enter the week in 2023 and the Volkswagen group is seriously considering applying to participate in formula one it only makes sense that these brands wouldn’t invest millions of dollars in green fuel racing programs if they didn’t provide them with a sizeable return on their investment now I’m not going to spend much time to compare these two cars in-depth but here’s how I view the 2022 pole star ii you can say it’s a four-door hatchback when you’re looking at it from the rear but then it’s also like a sedan that has a crossover’s ground clearance when you’re looking at the car from the front.

    The EV comes with single or dual electric motors the single-engine model will be front-wheel drive with an estimated range of 265 miles the twin-engine polestar 2 gets 249 miles of travel range but this is offset by all-wheel-drive capability and significantly more power for faster acceleration.

    We’re talking about 291 miles of range which non-aggressive drive the dual engines are capable of producing 408 horsepower with 487 pound-feet of torque so that EV can go from zero to 60 in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 125 miles per hour so just compare that with the all-wheel-drive tesla model 3 which offers 358 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 162 miles an hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds so the tesla wins for now when it comes to performance but pulse r2 has disadvantages it offers better looks better quality of craftsmanship and better infotainment interface if that’s more important to you than performance and really who’s driving 162 miles an hour then you’ll likely find pulse r2 more appealing for its style interior comfort and build quality.

    Let’s be real if you’re an everyday pragmatic person does it make a difference you can hit 60 miles an hour in 3.1 seconds versus 4.1 seconds not really but the interior comfort is something you’ll feel every single moment in the car other features of the pulse r2 include a panoramic glass sunroof a completely vegan interior and standard elements made from recycled wood.

    The 11-inch floating touch screen in the center of the dashboard contains the world’s first native android automotive operating system which is google apps and services built right into the car itself for iPhone users apple car play is also available you also don’t need a key fob or even butt to start the car as soon as you get near the car and pull the door handle it automatically wakes up and when you sit behind the steering wheel a sensor in the driver’s seat detects your presence but just step on the brake pedal and the machine turns on just flip the switch into drive mode and that’s all there is to it the car’s on the move and to turn it off you just press park so now when you press on the brake pedal while driving a car sensor detects the pressure and velocity then the onboard computer switches the electric motors to regenerative braking slowing the car down with electromagnetic resistance to help regenerate energy which gets sent back to the batteries.

    This actually returns only about 10 of the energy but still it’s only if the computer detects that the brake pressure is sudden or extreme the system doesn’t regenerate any energy but instead activates hydraulic braking to stop the car faster here’s another feature you might find interesting if you approach the car at night it automatically turns the car’s headlights on as well as the interior lighting of course any car produced by a company associated with Volvo will offer tons of safety features pulse star is no different the pulse star ii comes standard with nine airbags including dual front side inner side and a curtain airbag it has lean departure system lane-keeping aid as well as driver attention monitoring and pre-collision warning it also has forward-facing camera that detects obstacles like cars pedestrians and cyclists and also shows upcoming road signs on its 12.3 inch driver display the pulse star 2 base price starts at 47 000 so it’s pricing is competitive with the tesla model 3.

    But as with anything it has its share of disadvantages too these days anything that’s connected with ev tends to have a life of its own pulse star 2 is no exception in october 2020 pulse star recalled all full star 2 models we’re talking 2200 vehicles due to software error that causes the vehicle to lose power while driving and since cars can’t update ota software in their own all cars had to be recalled to a service center to be manually updated now i don’t know about you but i can just imagine one day someone will program the car to drive itself back to the dealership at night if you miss a car payment postar issued a second recall a month later this time 4580 vehicles were recalled due to faulty inverters well this is only the beginning of the battle for market share for the swedish manufacturer recalls like this will make it harder for consumers to appreciate the cars true work but now you tell me do you think post i will overtake tesla one day money aside do you find the polestar ev appealing and if you have driven a pole star.


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